Warsaw Equity Group

Our business model

We know the challenges organizations and their founders face on their journey toward globalization and achieving scale.

Based on our years of experience we have created a model to consciously and effectively add value in three areas that are key to business growth.


Growth through efficiency.

Capital is an essential element in stimulating growth. In order, however, to achieve full potential – efficiency must also be taken care of.

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Human Capital

An organization's most significant competitive advantage is its team.

Many entrepreneurs focus mainly on product, sales, and marketing when developing a business. Conscious management of an organization's human capital will create value that even the best product cannot replace.

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Experience-based knowledge.

An organization's success depends primarily on the knowledge and agility with which its leaders navigate the market. Access to information and best practices significantly accelerates growth and shortens the path to scale.

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How we work?

Partners for growth

We believe that success is a team sport.
Our goal is your success.

The Partners for Growth philosophy is the foundation of our organizational culture and determines both the way we think and act.

The WEG Values, which we have defined together with our entire team, determine how we communicate on a daily basis.

Every company that becomes part of our portfolio also becomes part of our WEG Community giving it access to our network of contacts, expertise in many business areas as well as the experience of other WEG portfolio founders.

Many people want to start their own business but few realize that being a leader means being responsible - not only for your own fate but also the future of others. To meet this challenge you should surround yourself with people who care as much about the success of your business as you do.

Witold Grzesiak