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Process improvement
Knowledge sharing

WEG Network

• Support in achieving objectives using our network of contacts
• Support in validation of technology and product development
• Support in the implementation of strategic initiatives
• Support in making connection on relevant market

Board of Experts

• Industry experts in appropriate investment segments
• Active participation in a company's development process - focus on processes
• Expertise at the process level (e.g. sales, marketing, production, logistics)
• Support in the implementation of a value creation strategy defined at the WEG investment level
• Strengthening the organization's skills in specific areas
• Experts that can join the company as team members

Board of Advisors

• Industry experts assigned to specific portfolio companies
• Support in building company value - focus on business development
• Specialists in their respective fields with established track record
• Value generated by advice in strategic business areas
• Supervising and supporting the development of management teams

How we work?

The WEG Community is a tool we use to support portfolio companies as they implement ambitious strategies for the future.

The benefits of being part of the WEG portfolio:

  • Access to best practices and people who have walked a similar path to yours
  • Support from industry and process experts will help you quickly strengthen your organization’s skills
  • The opportunity to establish relationships that will enable new business opportunities
  • Support from the talented and multidisciplinary WEG team
  • Opportunites for personal development thanks to WEG’s mentoring program
WEG Experts

Susanne Larsson

WEG Expert

Susanne has extensive international experience, having lived and worked in the UK, the Middle East, Asia and the Nordic countries.

Susanne currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors or as a Board Member at several companies in multiple geographic regions. She is also an active mentor and coach to the leaders of several organizations.

Prior to starting her consulting career, Susanne worked for many years as a partner at KPMG International, where she focused primarily on commercial excellence, business transformation and strategy.

Her industry experience includes: Fintech, AI, professional services including consulting, financial services, PE, corporate clients and Start-up/Scale-up

Łukasz Dobosz

WEG Expert

Łukasz has been involved in business development from the broader supply chain (End-to-End) side of brown & greenfield projects for over 20 years.

In recent years, he has been responsible for developing and implementing business models to support the dynamic growth of companies. He currently serves as Managing Director at Eisberg Poland. He has extensive management experience in the areas of production and operations, having worked for Aryzta, Danone, and Kraft Foods.

As a leader, he effectively builds effective teams, creates change, and inspires above-average results. As a coach and mentor, he is a partner in the development of many leaders.