Warsaw Equity Group


A creator of an innovative pyrolysis technology that enables end-to-end recycling of used tires.

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About investment

Contec is a venture-building project that WEG started in 2015. The company developed and implemented an innovative technology for the continuous thermal transformation of rubber waste. The company contributes to the idea of the circular economy by transforming used tires into products such as recovered carbon black and recovered tire pyrolysis oil.The high quality of the RCB makes it ideal for applications in the manufacturing of rubber goods. Contec solves the global environmental problem of used tires. In the EU alone 4.5 mn tons of used tires require utilization annually.

WEG supports the company in the commercialization of its products and in ramping up production capacity.
WEG actively participates in defining the company's strategy and helps secure the talent that is essential to its implementation.

Company about cooperation

"The WEG team has helped us spread our wings and provided valuable support in day-to-day operations and the formulation of a long-term strategy. I truly appreciate the solution-seeking mindset, open communication, and broad perspective."

Krzysztof Wróblewski